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Objective: Proofreading


Web tool: Audacity


Brief description of  tool:  Audacity is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds.


Use of tool: Record students' blog writing on a podcast. Students love recording their own voices. It puts them in control. There are other recording devices that could be used but this is a free tool. 


How it facilitates learning: Gives students a new technique to proofread that helps them really pay attention and hear what they have written.


Blog posts: 



Additional strategies to use with students to facilitate learning and thinking: 


  • Students can record their own work. This would help them be responsible for their own learning.
  • Students could record classmates’ work. This would facilitate team work and helping each other. They could also compare and contrast the differences between recording their own and each others work.


How To:


Audacity Tutorial : How to Record and Edit Audio with Audacity from Guides and tutorials.com

Audacity and LAME for MP3 Video from You Tube.com

Record it with Audacity: Techtorial and printable version of tutorial from Education World

A Visual Guide to Podcasting from Seeitdoit.tv


(Four are provided here - choose the one that fits your learning style best. For this lesson you only need to learn the "how to record" and convert to MP3 sections)


Additional Resources


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