Objective: Proofreading


Web tool: Audacity


Brief description of  tool:  Audacity is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds.


Use of tool: Record students' blog writing on a podcast. Students love recording their own voices. It puts them in control. There are other recording devices that could be used but this is a free tool. 


How it facilitates learning: Gives students a new technique to proofread that helps them really pay attention and hear what they have written.


Blog posts: 



Additional strategies to use with students to facilitate learning and thinking: 



How To:


Audacity Tutorial : How to Record and Edit Audio with Audacity from Guides and

Audacity and LAME for MP3 Video from You

Record it with Audacity: Techtorial and printable version of tutorial from Education World

A Visual Guide to Podcasting from


(Four are provided here - choose the one that fits your learning style best. For this lesson you only need to learn the "how to record" and convert to MP3 sections)


Additional Resources