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Objective: Use visual images to have short, fun, non-threatening bits of writing to inspire more descriptive vocabulary in writing, help students understand and remember information and concepts, and to foster creativity and play with language while learning. In the process of using visuals from Flickr you are also building a classroom climate that promotes excitement about writing and inventiveness. Talking among students/teacher is encouraged so that the momentum builds as students and teacher work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect. You share your ideas and encourage each other to be creative.


Web tool: Flickr


Brief description of  tool:  Flickr is a photo sharing website and web services suite, and an online community platform, which is generally considered an early example of a Web 2.0. tool.


Use of tool: Use flickr tools such as Motivator, Trading Cards, Captioner, and others  to give students a review of classroom learning and encourage inventiveness and joy of learning by writing together in a collaborative fun way.




Note - Spelling and grammar errors were not always corrected. I had two hours a week with these students and we usually did not have the time to go back and edit. We focused on the process, the critical thinking, and fostering a love of writing. We pointed out errors to the students and provided follow-up instruction to the group in blogging sessions and further instruction from the classroom teacher during classtime.


Creative Writing Blog Posts Using Flickr Pictures:



Motivational Posters:



Creative Stories written on the blog from Flickr Pictures:



Trading Cards: (Students used these cards to show comments and photos they valued.)


Note: Since these were created by elementary students we used a wiki to store the pictures from Flickr. That way students did not have to surf the site and time was saved for this project. Chris McIntosh was kind enough to give us use of her wonderful photos. See the wiki: Just Imagine! for  the pictures and the directions for the activity. (You may need to clidk on the SideBar for the photos menu to display.)





How it facilitates learning: Using images and words in combination helps students remember what they read or learned and  promotes their thinking to higher levels of understanding. Students help each other and share the excitement of using quality visual images to inspire them in their writing. The teacher moves about the room and challenges them with encouraging "pushes" to expand their writing. Collaborative writing with images keeps the momentum going and a community that attaches importance to writing begins to build.


Blog posts:



Additional strategies to use with students to facilitate learning and thinking:



How To:



Additional Resources:


Flickr Storm is a way to search through Flickr photos. You can search photos by subject and Flickr Storm will pull up thumbnails. You can scroll through them and select a photo to enlarge it, add it to your tray and download it. It keeps a history of the photos that you have clicked on. It has an advanced search option that lets you search through Creative Common photos. It is a great way to search Flickr and David Jakes of The Strength of Weak Ties has 3 screencast tutorials and one print tutorial that will be of great help to you.



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