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Google Page Creator

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Google Page Creator 



Objective: Create pages into a project to review learning about how to apply the six traits of writing while blogging in classrooms.


Web tool: Google Page Creator


Note: You need to have a g-mail account to use this particular tool.


Brief description of  tool: An easy and free website creator tool that includes images, links, maps, calendars, and more.


Use of tool: Students reviewed blogging posts throughout the year and created a group project  synthesizing their learning on blogging and the application of the six traits of writing.  They decided to give tips for future student bloggers as they evaluated their own learning. They wanted to share with others as well as display work they were proud of for their parents and others.


Example: The T.A.G. Blogging Machine


How it facilitates learning: When students plan, carry out, and review their own learning their behavior is more purposeful and it provides meaningful assessment. They create meaning for themselves and others.


Additional strategies to use with students to facilitate learning and thinking



How To:



Additional Resources: One of the things that is just plain fun to add to your pages are the Google Gadgets You can see some samples at the bottom of the pages that I used on a NECC presentation. Lessons Learned from Blogging with Elementary and University Students, this past summer.




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