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Objective: Embed reflection on learning in the classroom, both individually and as a group, to develop relationships and actions in the classroom that foster improved learning.


Web tool: PBwiki


Use of tool: Implement a reflection wiki that uses questions as a springboard to promote classroom discussion that will help students assess their work and think about their learning and  "thinking". Students have their own page on the wiki. It is an intentional process of constructing meaning using reflection as a teaching strategy. Students respond to each others' thoughts and ideas. Input from others outside the classroom is welcomed.


Start simple and have students respond to questions such as those listed in the 'Reflection Articles' post below:


  • Write down the most pressing question that is on your mind after today's lesson" (other students can respond with answers and clarifications)
  • Imagine yourself as the expert on the topic we discussed in class today. Predict what will change in the next two years and give your reasons.
  • If you had only a few minutes to summarize the lesson today, what would be the best way to do that so someone would remember what you said?
  • Share your strategies for learning "tough" materials.
  • What will change in my life as a result of what I learned today?
  • Describe classroom sessions that work for you and tell why.


This is very open-ended and could be developed in many ways. The point is to make it a community effort where feedback is provided and the focus is on reflecting about their learning. It would take the direction that develops from the conversations about what and how students are learning. One possiblility is to create another wiki to share conclusions.


Example: This is not an example of a reflection wiki. It is a wiki that was created near the end of the year to be used by students to jot notes about a project and learn to use a wiki. However, the way each student has a page will let you see how simple it would be to set up a similar wiki to be used for reflection. The password for the wiki is jhh.



How it facilitates learning: The way students relate to each other and to the teacher, share ideas, form groups, and even problem solve sets the tone for a nuturing, supportive climate that focuses on how we learn best. Moving from teaching and learning in isolation to one where classes are making connections and taking risks with their own learning promotes the type of learning that will continue. 


Blog posts: 


Additional strategies to use with students to facilitate learning and thinking: 


  • 'Write to Learn' type activities in all content areas 


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